Here you will find articles that will help you choose the best sites to bet on soccer and to do the research for the bets.

2 of the Best Sites for Soccer Betting Insights

2 of the Best Sites for Soccer Betting Insights 400x280 - 2 of the Best Sites for Soccer Betting Insights

After you’ve gained the necessary knowledge about the bets and the game to be able to bet successfully on soccer online, it’s time to look around the web for the best soccer betting platforms.

This is a step that no one ever forgets about and it is obviously essential. But besides searching online to decide which betting site will be you go-to place to lay your bets, you should also look for the best websites where you can gather helpful insights and info for soccer bettors.

Perhaps, you should even do so first because the analysis those sites provide you with can actually help you choose your preferred soccer betting platform. Here we present two websites rich in research, stats and data on everything surrounding soccer and soccer betting.

This soccer site is revered by the online soccer betting community. is divided into three main user-friendly, easy-to-navigate sections that users love: the blog, the forum and the comments.

The blog section is a one-place, go-to guide filled with articles written by the best bettors and contributors with tips and data that go from themes such as players, teams and trainers to matches across different leagues accompanied with the top betting tips.

The forum is the section for 24/7 discussions about everything you want to know. Participate in these conversations to interact with the most knowledgeable users that will give you the best insights and betting tips updated daily.

In the comment section, you can read what the best bettors are posting. Next to each comment you can see the performance of the user. That way, you can follow the advice from the most successful soccer betting aficionados.

This is arguably the number 1 website for the soccer betting community to do research before placing the bets. And rightfully so. It includes the results and the stats of every single soccer league all around the world. You can find virtually everything about your favorite teams and players.

If that wasn’t enough of a load of information, also posts top-notch tips and explanations about the different types of bets and the overall betting process.

Two of the main sections are the Head2Head and the top scorers. The Head2Head feature allows you to compare any two clubs of your choosing, a great help to study the matches you want to bet on beforehand. The pages for the top scorers cover a vast range of info about a league’s best performing goal scorers.

These are two websites that you should definitely visit before choosing your betting site and before your every bet.

5 Things to Consider When Choosing a Soccer Betting Site

5 Things to Consider When Choosing a Soccer Betting Site 400x280 - 5 Things to Consider When Choosing a Soccer Betting Site

You are certainly aware that the choice you make when it comes to your go-to soccer betting website will be extremely important to whether or not your experience will be secure, fun, manageable and lucrative.

To help you with that decision, we have compiled this simple guide with the criteria that every site must fulfil in order to be considered a good soccer betting platform.

Coverage of soccer leagues and events

If what you want is to bet on soccer, it is obviously essential that the betting site you choose covers a wide range of soccer championships, leagues and events across the globe. It must also allow you to navigate through a selection of diverse odds and betting methods.

stadium 931975 1920 1024x576 - 5 Things to Consider When Choosing a Soccer Betting Site


It’s never enough to highlight the importance of the site’s measures regarding security, privacy and data. You must only choose a website to be the place where you will regularly go to bet if it is absolutely undeniable that your info and your money will be safe.

security 265130 1920 1024x683 - 5 Things to Consider When Choosing a Soccer Betting Site

Deposit and withdrawal options

You should be able to deposit money and collect your rewards through a variety of reliable banking methods that provide both flexibility and transparency.

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The soccer betting community will be honest when it comes to posting comments and reviews about betting sites users have tried. Scroll through these forums and you will be able to collect much valuable first-hand insight.


The soccer betting site must be easy, quick, clear and flexible for you to navigate. A user-friendly and intuitive interface that lets you move through the site effortlessly is important. Otherwise, you will get tired and confused.

View these 5 criteria as the golden rules to start your soccer betting adventure with the right foot.

2 Commonly Forgotten Soccer Betting Security Tips

2 Commonly Forgotten Soccer Betting Security Tips 400x280 - 2 Commonly Forgotten Soccer Betting Security Tips

Many people don’t enter the world of online soccer betting because of their fear of security issues and privacy invasions.

Even those who bet on soccer feel like the security of their money and their data is an aspect that must be constantly assured and prioritized.

Some of the most highlighted safety tips are checking the site’s legality and security measures, having a tight control over the budget and never giving out information that is not mandatory to participate.

Here, we will focus on two security measures that, despite being quite obvious, are often forgotten. One assures the security of your money and the other, that of your data.

Never bet blindly on your team

Didn’t we say it would sound obvious? This safety tip is entirely up to the bettor. The truth is many people always bet on their favorite team even if all the probabilities point otherwise.

In soccer betting, you can’t just follow your heart. You actually need to study your bet. Sometimes that means you will have to bet on a team you view as a rival if you want to make some money.

If you’re not comfortable with that, just don’t bet if every odd tells you your team will lose. Being as rational as possible instead of emotional will help you not lose a lot of money unnecessarily.

team 807300 1920 1024x683 - 2 Commonly Forgotten Soccer Betting Security Tips

Don’t engage in arguments

Don’t participate in altercations that go off in the forums. Soccer is an extremely competitive sport and many fans would do almost anything to defend their team.

Don’t brag about your team while tearing down another. And especially never tell how much money you’ve earned in an attempt to prove your point. Who knows the hacking skills a user that you offended can use on your data?

Do this and assure a peaceful, secure experience.