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From the very first moment we started coming up with the concept for our soccer betting blog Morocco 26 our top priority has been to produce the content that our readers want to read. Our focus is to tailor our work to the demands of our net of soccer lovers and online betting enthusiasts.

In order to continue to achieve that in a constantly improving manner, our team of managers and writers have felt that it is essential for us to find more ways to deliver unique, exclusive, diverse and customized content to our loyal group of visitors.

That being said, we decided to start developing content specifically centered around the French, English and Spanish major soccer leagues. Soccer in Europe is a whole other level of both talent and following. And these 3 countries are arguably the top examples of that reality. Our soccer bettors in America know that and want to get more insights on those leagues in order to be able to bet successfully on them.

We will start with the French Ligue 1, the major soccer championship of the country. And we are calling all soccer and betting lovers with a significant level of knowledge on French soccer to be a part of our writing team.

French soccer has been thriving for decades. The sport has a huge cultural impact and attracts millions and millions of fans to stadiums, to their living room’s seats and to betting websites across the web.

France has won the FIFA World Cup twice and the UEFA European Championship two times as well. The country has some of the top soccer clubs, such as those in the cities of Paris, Lyon, Lille and Marseilles.

As a writer designated to produce pieces of content during the French Ligue 1 season you have a vast range of opportunities when it comes to what you can write. You can apply your soccer and betting knowledge to offer insights on probable outcomes, team organization and player performance as well as analysis on the factors that weigh in on a bet.

Be a part of the world of Morocco 26 and help our readers finally be able to gain the knowledge to bet on a major European league.