The Guide to Winning Soccer Bets

The Guide to Winning Soccer Bets 400x280 - The Guide to Winning Soccer Bets

Looking for a one-place, go-to guide to start betting on soccer online and do it with as much success as possible? Follow along.

How to predict winners accurately

Learn more about soccer

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Before thinking about joining any betting site, take time to learn as much as possible about soccer. With your enhanced knowledge of the game, the leagues, the teams and the players you will be able to make predictions much closer to the actual results. Soccer news are everywhere, from TV to radio and newspapers to all across the web.

Study all the influencing factors

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You need to do more than just know which teams typically lose or win. Take into account lineup changes, new coaches and players and injuries. Search for in-depth stats on each team’s defensive and offensive skills.

Keep updated on the popular odds

The game can go opposite to what the general opinion led to believe, but reading about what the experienced bettors are saying can help you get a grasp on what is likely to happen. If the popular odds suddenly shift, that’s an indicator of an influencing change. Pay attention to that.

How to bet wisely

Limit the number of elements you bet on

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If you feel like you should play it safe in the beginning, which we also think you should, limit the elements of a match you bet on to one in order to prevent unnecessary losses of money and guarantee that the odds are in your favor.

For example, you are much more likely to succeed by predicting Juventus will win the game than if you predicted that Cristiano Ronaldo will score two goals for a score of 2-1.

Know when to lock your bet

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If your betting site allows it you should lock in your bet using the up-to-the-minute method. That will allow you to hold until you have clear insights on which team will very likely win. If you don’t have access to that betting method, place the bet on the day of the game.

Platforms will probably offer you bonuses or specials if you lay your bet early. Resist that urge if the outcome of the match is not at all easily foreseeable.

How to take advantage of the soccer betting market

Look around for the best prices and odds

When you are starting to bet on soccer online, it can be much easier to stick to one betting website. And we suggest you do it if other sites don’t offer any significant advantage different to those your platform does. But in fact, you are not obligated to always bet through the same website.

At the end of the day, we’re talking about your money and you need to spend it intelligently. Look for the best available odds online. Compare prices and odds from several places to see if they are worth you changing your typical betting habits.

We don’t need to tell you that as with every type of sports betting, soccer betting involves luck and skill. It can take a while for you to improve your predictions and know your way around the best betting methods. However, always following the tips on this guide will keep you on the path to earning some welcome extra money.

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